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You can’t beat the feeling of the cozy comfort a warm hoodie can bring on a cold day. And despite already having built-in fur coats, dogs also love these wardrobe staples! Not to mention they are a favorite buy when a dog lover sees them lining the aisles at your store during a cold snap. At BossPetEdge.com we offer a range of colors and sizes of pet-specific hoodies so that fashionable pups can have the same stylish comfort as their owners. Sized and styled for a multitude of different dog bodies, these sweatshirts run the gamut of colors and patterns - from camo tough dog to bright and peppy. These wholesale dog hoodies and sweaters are priced and packaged perfectly for retail resale in any pet product environment. Set them up in your clothing aisle or anywhere impulse buys benefit from sheer cuteness. Show them off on our East Side dog mannequins for a picture perfect and these dog hoodies will be a great seller right away!

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