Wholesale Nesting Dog Beds

With a plethora of dog beds on the market, you will want to use your stock space wisely and be sure to carry the best-selling models that customers are excited about buying. At Boss PetEdge, we carry a wonderful selection of beds including nesting beds, for dogs that like a cozier, more secure experience while they snooze. Nesting beds have walls that ‘hug’ dogs as they sleep, mimicking a den or the feeling of sleeping with a pack. Some of these even have a roof or pocket to cuddle into, and with these ‘hooded’ or ‘cave’ dog beds the feeling of envelopment helps reduce anxiety and ensure comfort. Beds without a top are often called bolster beds or donut beds and simply cradle a dog from the sides. BossPetEdge has a ton of different wholesale dog nesting beds packaged and priced for resale and easy profit!

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