Wholesale Plastic Dog Crates

Plastic dog crates are both stronger than fabric crates and less expensive than wire crates, giving them an especially useful middle-ground in crate functionality. Smaller plastic crates are sturdy and lightweight enough to carry them around and travel while offering a certain amount of protection for the dog inside. Larger plastic crates are heavier but still best for travel, as they don’t collapse and shelter the dog from the outside environment better than either fabric or wire versions. Most of these products arrive in 2 clamshell-like halves with hardware to connect them and a latching gate for entry. This makes them easy to break down and clean when needed but also able to be stacked as needed. Their enclosed walls are known to calm some of the more anxious dogs by creating a den-like environment and muffling outside sounds. Boss PetEdge has a variety of wholesale dog plastic crates in different brands and sizes available for bulk purchasing and resale, all at great prices!

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