Wholesale Collars, Leads & Harnesses

Dog handling requires a specific set of products and each dog is different as far as what kind of collar, lead and harness they may need. All dogs need col...lars for identification purposes and the 4 most popular type of collar is the nylon style, which comes in various lengths and thicknesses appropriate for different sizes and breeds. Martingale collars are slightly more secure versions of a typical dog collar – they have a small section of the material that will take up slack when pulled, making it far more difficult for an animal to ‘slip’ their collar. If even that doesn’t offer enough for a hard-pulling dog, a harness may be the best bet with helping them not pull and get tangled or tripped up. With collars or harnesses, the key to handling comes in the lead, also known as the leash. Size, strength, and material varies, so matching those characteristics with a dog’s strength and needs is required. At Boss PetEdge, we carry a huge stock of wholesale dog collars, leads & harnesses, all priced in bulk and packaged for easy resale, so order from us today!

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