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Oral health problems and periodontal disease are by far the most common health issues for dogs, and they are entirely preventable. When brushing isn’t an option because dogs are nervous or sensitive to touching their mouth or gums, alternative products can be found to help keep oral hygiene up to par on a daily basis. Dental sprays can be squirted directly into the mouth to prevent plaque and tartar as well as to freshen breath. Dental gels work similarly but are gently rubbed on the gums, giving them more direct contact, though they can be more difficult to administer.   Similar to a human mouthwash, a canine dental rinse contains chlorhexidine and helps to kill bacteria that live in the mouth. BossPetEdge.com stocks these wholesale dog dental sprays, gels, and rinses at a huge bulk discount for profitable resale, so stock your shelves today!

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