Wholesale Dog Stairs, Steps & Ramps

While some pet owners concentrate on keeping their pups off the furniture, there are many who are looking to make their chairs, couches and beds more accessible to their four-legged companions. Getting up onto a surface can be a struggle but getting down off that same surface can even be dangerous, risking a twisted ankle, injured vertebrae or worse when hitting the ground. Whether a dog is elderly, skittish, disabled or just small, our steps and ramps can help them up onto any surface and prevent injury when climbing back down. Carpeted steps that convert to ramps give everyone the most options and great indoor traction, as well as looking nice. Vehicle pet ramps help dogs get in and out of even tall trucks and SUVs without the need to lift them or make them jump. At Boss PetEdge, we sell wholesale dog stairs, steps, and ramps at bulk prices and in retail packaging – making sales and profits easy!

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