Wholesale Assorted Ear Care

Dogs have a vastly superior sense of hearing and can detect sound from 4 times farther away than humans. They can also hear noises at a much higher pitch and can move the muscles of their ears to be able to hear better when needed. But all that auditory work requires a bit of special care when it comes to keeping those ears in tip-top shape. Basic ear care revolves around keeping pests and infections out through a well-maintained pH balance, a clean ear canal, and proper hair maintenance inside the ear. At Boss PetEdge, we sell all manner of wholesale dog assorted ear care products for all breeds. Wipes, liquid flushes, and spray cleaners will keep dirt and debris from building up, making the environment less susceptible to mites. Powders control moisture and aid in hair removal with special tools like hemostats. We carry the best brands on the market and at great prices, so stock up today!

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