Wholesale Stakes & Tie Outs

Boss Pet Tie Outs and Stakes are a great way to increase your pet care products business! High-quality materials and attractive packaging will add to your retail pet products presentations. We offer a range of products and options too! Whether you need an aisle display, in-section display, or combo items for high traffic and impulse buy areas, we have what you need!

Most dogs enjoy spending time outdoors and the fresh air and sunshine is good for their overall health and mood. Dogs without access to a fenced enclosure outside, or dogs that are really good at thwarting any enclosure, don’t need to be deprived of a beautiful day, though. Our wholesale dog stakes, tie-outs and tethering products let them roam without the risk. Dig a stake into the ground and it serves as an anchor, withstanding the pull of even the strongest canines. Tether the pooch to the stake with a tie-out, which is like a long leash. Be sure to use a harness and not a collar to prevent slippage, injury or choking. Boss PetEdge stocks all these items in a multitude of sizes and strengths, so fill your shelves with easy-to-sell, bulk priced products today! 

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