Wholesale Dog Stain & Odor Control

While puppies and geriatric dogs may be the main culprit, a dog of any age and breed can sometimes have an accident in the house. Whether you are a frequent or occasional cleaner of dog puddles, you’ll need to be prepared with the right supplies. The best products are formulated to clean both the stains you see and the odors you smell and work on many surfaces including carpet and upholstery. At Boss PetEdge, we keep a large stock of wholesale dog stain and odor control items in the form of carpet powders, aerosol sprays and liquid spray cleaners. Proper attention to a urine or fecal stain will not only keep the room clean and hygienic, it will also prevent dogs from feeling the urge to continue soiling the same area due to lingering smells. We also sell specialty cleaning agents like skunk-off for when your dog comes in close contact with the local Pepe le Pew. All our items are bulk priced and ready for use or resale, making them easy to stock and always profitable!

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