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Boss PetEdge has always lived up to its name by having an "edge" on the pet-supply industry. Today we are the largest supplier to pet-care professionals and independent retailers, and we offer our customers access to over 12,000 national-brand and exclusive PetEdge-brand products through our catalogs and website. Our mission is to continue finding better ways to serve our customers and more innovative ways to foster creativity in the industry, until we stand alone as the leader of pet products.

We help retailers build their businesses by researching, developing, and manufacturing innovative, top-quality products at remarkably low prices. We're dedicated to providing retailers with that unique sales edge in the highly competitive pet-product industry. You can stock your store with the hottest products for less and boost your bottom line.

Today the company is over 60 years old. We believe our success is a result of developing mutually beneficial relationships with our partners. Our top priority is to create value and put in place strategies that will be beneficial, and offer growth potential, to our customers.


Starting a business isn't easy. Neither is growing and sustaining one. For those who have survived startup and built successful businesses — and those just getting your businesses off the ground — Boss PetEdge Dealer Services can help you in your journey.

If you're willing to grow, we're willing to help. We're a top-ranked company with over sixty years of experience in the pet-retail industry. In an annual survey conducted by Pet Age magazine, Boss PetEdge products have been consistently cited as top sellers in key high-margin categories such as pet apparel, dog toys, cat toys, and grooming tools.

Here are just some of the ways that we can support you.

Boss PetEdge Dealer Services' retailers get first access to:

  • Innovative designs that turn fast
  • Retailer Exclusive Products exclusive to Dealer Services members only
  • Over 30 brands of PetEdge products not sold anywhere else
  • Always FREE ground shipping on qualifying orders
  • Retail support at the store level


Exclusive products for today's leading retailers.

Our Dealer Services members have an elite status with access to thousands of exclusive products you won't find anywhere else. Our dynamic product-development team is constantly working to identify the newest trends and in-demand products, which means that you'll always be the first to carry the next generation of the most innovative, sought-after products on the market.

Your elite dealer status qualifies you to to order from all three tiers of our offerings, for a total of more than 17,000 pet-care products.

Retailer Exclusive - PetEdge is commited to being your partner. We're introducing these Retailer Exclusives to help you compete with the Big Box and Big Ecomm retailers. Look for items with the Retailer Exclusive icon, it's your assurance from us!

Leading National Brands – Our Dealer Services program has everything you need to create robust sales. Our comprehensive selection includes leading national brands such as KONG®, Andis®, Wahl®, Bio-Groom®, TropiClean®, Greenies®, Geib®, and lots more. See our brand directory for a complete listing of our dealers-only Alpha Key brands, exclusive PetEdge brands, and other exciting manufacturers and distributors of pet-grooming and pet-care products.

Our promise to you

Our Dealer Services program works to protect dealers like you: we guarantee to reserve our premium Retailer Exclusive brands for you, dealers like you, and no one else. Because you'll never find these brands in big-box stores, you can relax knowing that we've made running a business just a little bit easier.

Other Perks

Our Dealer Services Program is a way of saying thank you for choosing to partner with us. As a member, you'll enjoy a range of exclusive privileges and benefits designed to make doing business with us even more rewarding.

Account Managers – Your account manager was assigned to you based on your specific market sector. We devised to select an expert in your area to better serve you. Whether you're a supply store, boutique, or groomer with a retail shop, your account manager will be able to personalize strategies to design sections that meets your unique space, cost, and customer needs.

We'll help you evaluate growth opportunities, based on empirical insights from the performance of your top-selling items within our brands. We'll help you to choose the right products, place your orders, pursue cross-merchandising opportunities, and design planograms with a choice mix of best-sellers and hot new items to make the most impact on your sales. But we'll also work with you to find new sources of growth based on the trends you are exposed to — so you can make your move and get ahead.

Dealer Guide catalog – Our Dealer Guide catalog is published quarterly for Dealer Services members. It features dealer-exclusive specials on the latest new and best-selling items. The catalog is delivered right to your location, to make browsing our wide selection of products easier, so you can stock up on must-have essentials and stay ahead of the competition.

Premium Alpha Key Brands – Our premium Alpha Key brands, the highest elite tier of products we offer, are reserved exclusively for Dealer Services members. If you see a gold-key product in our catalog, you're looking at an exclusive Alpha Key brand, a product line that features premium collections of functional, beautiful, innovative products your customers want. The Alpha Key brands are so special that we reserved the privilege for you. That's why these items are exclusively available in our Dealer Services website and catalogs — so they remain exclusive to our V.I.P. Dealer Services members.

In addition to our premium Alpha Key brands, you'll be able to access 30 more brands exclusive to PetEdge. It's no surprise that Pet Age retailers have consistently rated PetEdge products as top sellers in high-margin categories such as pet apparel, dog toys, cat toys, and grooming tools: we're clearly a market leader, and consumers love our products.

Our promise to you

Our Dealer Services program works to protect dealers like you: we guarantee to reserve our premium Alpha Key brands for you, dealers like you, and no one else. Because you'll never find these brands in big-box stores, you can relax knowing that we've made running a business just a little bit easier.

The Gold Key Promise

  • An extra level of product and price protection
  • Products that are only for Dealers in our program
  • Never sold to big-box stores or on the PetEdge.com website
  • Your customers can only get Gold Key products from retailers like you!

Member-exclusive specials and offers – Dealer Services members receive exclusive offers by email, dealer-only promotions in weekly call campaigns, and dealer pricing year-round in our Dealer Services catalog and website.

Fast, free delivery – Enjoy free delivery on us, on orders of $150 or more of Boss PetEdge-brand items. Click here to learn more.

Order are typically shipped within 12-24 hours. Click here to learn more.

Sales and Marketing Resources – Members can access an exclusive resource portal for signage, retail planograms (POGs), customer-education and retailer-training sheets, and more.


We encourage our designers to dream and think about pet products outside of the traditional context. We strive to design products that are as innovative as they are practical. Our design process involves searching for smart twists on essentials that pet owners need and will request again and again.

A number of our products have revolutionized the way pets eat, sleep, live, and play. These innovative products are characterized by a simplicity of focus on designing solutions to real problems. They're constructed around the lives of pets and conceived through rigorous process and research. Here are some ingenious, functional product lines to keep your eyes on.

Advanced Fabrics

Our breakthrough ThermaPet® apparel and bedding use advanced fabrics and heat-reflective thermal technology to warm pets using their own body heat. They are elegant, comfortable, and designed to fit into the everyday lives of pets.

Cooling Technology

Our proprietary Cool Pup® products keep pets cool against dangerously high temperatures and the sun's harmful UV rays. They're designed so that pets can enjoy the summers.

Indulgent Treats

Ranch Rewards® DoubleHides feature a natural beefhide bone wrapped around pressed beefhide, for the longest-lasting beefhide chews on the market. Who would have thought that a perfect treat could be perfected?


Dealer Services can help make running your business a breeze.

Your status as a Dealer Services member comes with a designation of being a very, very important person. Because you're on our A-list, you can expect the highest level of service from our account managers and top-priority call response from a dedicated PEDS desk. We can specially curate a list of the hottest pet products to boost your bottom line. We can design custom products to promote your brand. We're bringing back the concept of customer support.

We'll set you up with your very own account manager, a complimentary service, who will work directly with you to grow your business, every step of the way. Whether you want first-look access to the season's best-selling new styles, expert advice on pet products, or proven tips and techniques for boosting your sales and building your bottom line, you can rely on our account managers to help take care of your requests, large and small.

Here are some ways that we can help you:

  • Create unique profit-boosting displays in your store
  • Make custom products to promote your brand
  • Learn the tried and true methods of smart retailers
  • Engage with your customers and drive more repeat business


Our team of experts works around the clock to support you in your journey of growing a business. Making a profit requires setting up store displays and training a sales staff to deliver a learned lecture about the stories of your products. We know it can be hard. That's why at Dealer Services we work directly with our retailers to make it easy.

We are a team of marketing and sales experts, account managers who are whizzes at turning a profit, product designers, photographers, videographers, graphic designers, and storytellers. We shoot commercial trailers and create sophisticated marketing and educational tools to support your business, engage your customers, and maximize their exposure to our brands. All you have to do is display our products on your shelves and watch the margins grow.

Helping you to grow your business. Faster.

Recently, Boss PetEdge has upped its retail support at the store level. We have a team of experts working year-round to develop materials to support retailers in increasing sell-through. We offer signage, retail planograms (POGs), customer-education and retailer-training sheets, promotional-item buttons, and more. We're constantly thinking of innovative ways to create retail strategies for your business. You could say that for over 60 years, our top priority has been supporting your business.


Give us any size space, and we'll save you time and guesswork.

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