Wholesale Dog Styptics and Stop Bleeding

Multiple aspects of grooming a dog can lead to unwanted bleeding. Usually it’s a minor issue stemming from hitting the quick in a nail trim or getting a small amount of skin caught in clippers. This is not uncommon and dogs with dark-colored nails or who are prone to sudden movements during grooming are at increased risk. While it’s never pleasant for the dog or the groomer, steps can be taken to minimize the pain, stop the bleeding, and prevent future infection. Styptics are substances that slow and stop bleeding when applied to a wound. A cut should be treated quickly with a styptic and then an antibiotic should be applied to any wound that could lead to inflammation or infection. These quick-acting coagulants usually come in powder or pencil form and sometimes include applicators as well. After applying a styptic, clean and bandage the wound to prevent further issues. At BossPetEdge, we carry wholesale dog styptics and stop bleeding products with bulk discounts for easy use or resale, so shop today!

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