Wholesale Dog Waterers

Access to clean, fresh water is an absolute must for all pets but especially for dogs. Since dogs don’t sweat like humans, they regulate their internal temperature through panting, and staying hydrated is a prerequisite for effective panting. They are also prone to water-borne illnesses such as giardia and will seek out easily infected water sources if they don’t have proper access to clean drinking water. At Boss PetEdge, we stock products that make providing clean, fresh water super easy. Our water fountains and faucet waterers make watering at home a cinch both indoors and outside. We also sell Handi-Drink bottles that serve as a water bottle and dish in one, so that water on the go is never a problem. Our wholesale dog waterers are sold with bulk pricing and easy retail packaging, making Boss PetEdge the best source for stocking your shelves – so order now!

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