Wholesale Car Harnesses

For humans, buckling up in the car is the law, not to mention a lifesaving action. For dogs, a trip in the car can be dangerous unless certain safety enhancements are made. If a dog is traveling lose in the cab of a vehicle, the best way to ensure his safety is with a dog car harness. Like a walking harness these fit around the dog’s front legs and chest as opposed to a collar that fits around the neck. This harness can then be connected to the seat belt in the car, keeping them from being ejected in case of an accident. These still allow for some freedom of movement but keep the dog firmly in the seat, preventing him from crawling under the driver’s feet or becoming a distraction. These harnesses are also useful for pets that tend to bolt when the car door is open. Fill your shelves with great travel products like these wholesale dog car harnesses from Boss PetEdge and keep your customers happy!

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