Wholesale Dog Kennel Leads

While regular leashes work fine for home pet handling, events, facilities, and agencies need to buy quick, cheap, durable leads for general use. These ‘kennel loops’ or ‘ac leads’ often get left with the dog and a good supply must be kept in stock as consumable-type items. Most of these take the form of slip leads, which function as both leash and collar in one piece and allow moving animals from one area to another quickly to keep anxiety low. These leads have metal rings on one end and slipping the opposite end through the ring creates an adjustable loop to be placed around the neck of the dog. These are often either flat-woven, webbed material or braided nylon, both of which offer a low price point and fantastic durability. All our wholesale dog kennel leads and loops are priced for bulk purchase and ready for immediate resale or use, so shop Boss PetEdge today!

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