Dog Crates

Crating is an essential part of dog care – beyond just traveling, crates can be used for training, housebreaking, transporting to the vet or groomer and just providing a safe space for the pup to relax. One very popular type of crate is the metal or wire dog crate, and at PetEdge, we’ve teamed up with ProSelect to offer great prices on their quality wire crates and crate accessories. These crates range in sizes that are appropriate for any dog from cats and toy breeds to XL sized animals. Proper bar spacing and a strong latching system take away any need to worry about safety or escaping. If you happen to have a Houdini dog or a very strong chewer, ProSelect also makes the insanely strong Empire cage model that is virtually indestructible. ProSelect accessories like sun shades, food and water attachments and replacement hardware are also available at PetEdge, so shop today!