Dog Grooming Combs

From simple detangling to finishing to removing fleas and ticks, dog grooming combs are one of the necessary staples of dog grooming. At PetEdge, we offer only the highest quality grooming combs to make sure all dogs get combed out and treated with the best there is. For long haired dogs, the best thing to start with is either a detangling comb or a simple metal comb made for coarse brushing. The teeth will be slightly far apart and should be used slowly, being careful not to pull any hair out of the follicles. Sometimes this comb will have an additional end with teeth that are closer together. This end, or a separate comb with fine to medium teeth, is for finishing and keeping the oils of the fur distributed for a healthy, silky sheen. Flea and tick combs are extremely fine-toothed and are used to search for and remove small insect pests from the coat. After each stroke, inspect the comb for fleas or flea droppings and wipe them away before continuing. Professional groomers and owners alike have relied on PetEdge to provide the highest quality dog combs at an exceptional value!

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