PowerDri Dryers

New Master Equipment PowerDri System Dryers are the next generation of dryers from Master Equipment. Each dryer offers you the options you need to build the dryer to meet your demanding needs as a professional pet  groomer. All high quality products, built to last at a price that helps you build your business!

As a professional pet groomer, you know that drying your furry clients is an essential step in the grooming process. That's why PetEdge offers PowerDri dryers, a trusted brand in the grooming industry. PowerDri dryers are designed with a powerful motor and adjustable air flow, allowing you to quickly and efficiently dry pets of all sizes and coat types. With their lightweight and compact design, PowerDri dryers are easy to maneuver and store, making them perfect for use in small grooming salons or at home. Plus, their quiet operation helps keep pets calm and comfortable during the drying process. Whether you're a professional pet groomer or a pet owner, PowerDri dryers are designed to make drying easier and more efficient, ensuring that your pets look and feel their best. Trust PetEdge for all your pet grooming needs, and experience the quality and reliability of PowerDri dryers today!

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