Master Equipment Dryers & Accessories

Ensuring that appointments are scheduled and completed with maximum efficiency is key to a successful grooming business. Waiting around for fur to dry off after a bath can tack hours onto the time a dog must spend in grooming. That’s why most successful bathers and groomers make good use of Master Equipment dryers and accessories. Not only is Master Equipment a leading brand when it comes to quality and value, they offer a wide variety of dryer types including stand dryers, cage dryers and speed dryers. At, we sell Master Equipment dryers at awesome prices – and even stock different color machines to match any décor scheme. All these types of dryers come in different sizes and speeds, giving you several options for outfitting your grooming facility with exactly what you need. And don’t worry about maintenance; we also stock replacement parts, filters, and attachments to keep your dryers running like new for years to come. Shop Master Equipment dryers at PetEdge today!

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