Curved Dog Grooming Shears

Curved dog grooming shears make dog grooming a snap when it comes to shaping and cutting on a curve. The length of the shear and angle of curvature can vary based on your grooming needs, but any curve will be much easier and more accurate than attempting to use straight shears for this goal. Topknots, ears, feet and contouring around the face is safer and more accurate as well, especially with a skittish client.The larger the shear the more gradual the curve so the larger shears are better suited for larger dogs.At PetEdge, we carry a wide variety including shears with coated handles, left-handed orientations, finger hole linings, thumb guards and carrying cases. We also offer a large number of shear sets that include multiple tools, often of different sizes. Get the best curved dog grooming shears today at! 

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