Dog Leash Couplers

Dog couplers, which are similar to double dog leashes, help walk and control two dogs at one time without the risk of tangling. A double leash is a full leash built with a single handle but is split toward the end of the leash, allowing for attachment to multiple dog collars. A coupler works similarly but encompasses just the split portion at the end of the leash and is meant to be attached to a traditional single dog leash. Couplers are great because you can also make use of the single leash should you sometimes walk only one dog and other times walk multiple dogs. Often couplers incorporate a swivel at the attachment site, so that dogs who cross paths often don’t twist or tangle the leads of the coupler. Couplers vary in number of attachment leads (but usually come with either 2 or 3) as well as in thickness and length. At PetEdge, we offer a variety of couplers and sizes sure to meet all your dog walking needs. 

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