Double K ChallengAir 560 Dryer Black

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The built-in sensor in this Double K® ChallengAir 560 Advanced Cage Dryer monitors air temperature in the cage and turns the heat on or off as needed. This cage dryer features a coil-wound brushless motor that is very quiet and requires no maintenance.



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The Challengair 560 Cage and Table Dryer features a “no maintenance” motor that requires no brush changes. Advanced technology helps protect animals from the risk of hyperthermia (overheating) or hypothermia (chilling). A thermal sensor located in the small well beneath the grate, is part of a control system that measures the temperature in the cage and prevents the cage temperature from exceeding approximately 107 degrees. With this control system, the Challengair 560 greatly reduces the risk of animal discomfort or harm. The Challengair 560 produces 70% more airflow than any other similar cage dryer– 750 CFM.
The Challengair 560 is the quietest cage dryer on the market and features a 30 minute safety timer and versatile settings including two air volume and heat adjustments. Air filtration on both air inlets helps keep fan and internal parts clean and the dryer fits most standard veterinary and grooming cages. The Challengair 560 has a two year warranty on parts and labor (excludes filters). Double K has service centers in most states. 30 day, money back satisfaction guarantee (excludes shipping charges).
●   The Most Advanced Grooming Cage Dryer
●   30 Minute Timer
●   Protects Animals form Hyperthermia & Hypothermia   ●   Controls Cage Temperature
●   2 Year Warranty
●   Maintenance Free Brushless Motor 
●   Produces Air Volume of 750 CFM  
●   Dries Animals Quickly, Safely

This revolutionary Double K™ ChallengAir 560® Advanced Cage Dryer eliminates the worry of subjecting pets to extreme heat or cold. A patent-pending, sophisticated, low-voltage sensor monitors the air temperature within the cage and sends a signal to the unit’s controller, activating or deactivating the unit’s heating element. No matter what the outside elements may be, animals are dried thoroughly and comfortably through variable heat and air control.

  • New, more powerful brushless motor
  • Virtually maintenance-free
  • Larger fan creates over 750 CFM – easily the highest in its class!
  • Both intake ports are filtered to eliminate hair and debris from entering
  • Comes with a 12' cord
Replacement filters are available, sold separately.

Air Volume: 750 CFM
Heat: Yes (98° - 107°)
Amps: 14.7
Watts: 1617
Volts: 110/120
Decibels: 63-68 at 24 inches
Product Weight: This product weighs approximately 18 lbs.
Manufacturer’s two-year warranty.

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