Wholesale Dog Rope Toys

Tug-of-war is perhaps one of the greatest man vs dog games in the history of domesticated canines. And nothing works better for an old-fashioned game of ‘pull’ than the classic rope dog toy. Pull until there’s a winner, throw and fetch, play hide the rope – a full day of fun can be had with just this one versatile toy. Rope toys are also great for puppies and young dogs, since they need a soft and durable chew toy for teething and learning not to bite. At BossPetEdge.com, we have several lines of wholesale dog rope toys for all kinds of play. Stock your toy aisle with our ropes that integrate balls, tires and Kongs  - to stand up to the biggest chewers. All our products are packaged for easy retail sale and priced with your profit margin in mind – keep your customers happy with rope dog toys from BossPetEdge.com!

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