Dog Dematting Tools

Though it may be daunting, combing matts out of dog fur is essential to keeping their skin healthy. Matted fur can suffocate and weaken skin, keeping needed moisture out and creating an active breeding ground for parasites. Smaller matts can be separated with just your fingers and then combed out with a (preferably metal) comb. You might consider using a detangling spray or moisturizer while you work on it, to make the hair shafts slide apart easier. Short fast strokes with a comb or slicker brush have proven to be more effective and less painful than harder, slower pulling. Never try to cut a matt out yourself, as it could cause damage to the skin. At PetEdge, we carry a variety of different dog dematting tools, such as rakes, blades, metal combs and even full grooming kits with everything you need to restore a clean and tangle-free coat.

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