Understanding the details, specifications, and benefits of different types of grooming tables will help in making the most-informed purchasing decision for your grooming needs.

Grooming Tables are essential to every groomer, but can be one of the most expensive purchases in the budget. An appropriately sized grooming table will help reduce back strain for the groomer while providing a secure, stable grooming environment for the dog.

Using a table that is too small, too short, or too tall can have detrimental effects over the long term on both the groomer and the dogs. If the table is too short for the groomer, the groomer could develop serious back problems. If the table top is too short for the dog, the dog will have difficulty standing square and will be more prone to attempting to sit, making the grooming process take more time and resulting in bad table manners. If the table is too tall for the groomer, the groomer will be constantly over-extending their reach. This can cause long term damage to the neck and shoulder joints.

The information provided below will help you to better understand your options, and choose the best table for your grooming needs.(Click here to See Specifications and Links for All Grooming Tables)


Folding Tables are the most economical option for groomers, breeders, and people in the show circuit. Their compact, foldable design makes them an ideal choice for groomers on a budget, people with space restrictions, and mobile groomers. These tables make an excellent addition to any busy grooming salon, as a drying table or as a nail station. Folding tables with manual height adjustment capabilities are available for sale. Manipulating these tables involves flipping them completely over onto their tabletop and adjusting and securing each individual leg. On average these tables can adjust anywhere between 24" - 341/2" high.

Hydraulic Tables use a pump filled with gas to lift and lower the tabletop. This pump is operated manually by pushing on a foot lever to raise or lower the tabletop. Hydraulic tables are available in the middle range for pricing, and are a good choice for breeders and grooming salons.

Pro These tables require no electricity to operate, saving money on the electric bill.

Con Because the hydraulic lift is being operated manually, the motion of the table being raised can be somewhat jerky. Young or skittish dogs may find this motion upsetting.


On average hydraulic tables can adjust between 18" and 48".

Electric Tables have many of the same features as hydraulic tables, but with the convenience of electricity. The tabletop adjustments are smooth, compared to the jerky hydraulic tables, and all you hear is the quiet whir of the electric motor. Electric tables generally are available at the higher end of the price range. They can be a better option for salons with larger breeds in their clientele, since they have a wider range of motion. Electric tables average a height adjustment of 6" and 471/2"


X-Style (Accordion Style) is the most secure and stable of all the available frame styles. Each point the beams of the frame connect to adds stability to the structure of the table. This allows it to be "rock solid," even with a fidgety dog on top, allowing for a safer grooming environment. The accordion motion of the frame allows the table to smoothly move in a near-vertical motion, saving on space.

Z-Style is the grooming table frame style most commonly used. It is frequently used with both hydraulic and electric tables. When placing a table with a Z-style frame in your shop, be sure to leave a little space between the end of the table and the wall. These tables move horizontally slightly when moving up and down.

Pedestal-Style tables are a wonderful lower-priced option for small- to medium- sized dogs. Because of the placement of the hydraulic lift, these tables can sometimes have an average minimum height of 27", with an average maximum height of 36".