Understanding the details, specifications, and benefits of different types of dryers will help in making the most-informed purchasing decision for your grooming needs.

The links and information provided below will help you to better understand your options and choose the best tools for your grooming needs.

CFM(Air Volume) Cubic Feet per Minute – refers to a fixed measurement that indicates the actual volume of air that the dryer produces.

FPM(Air Speed) Feet per Minute - refers to the speed of the airflow coming from the dryer.

Volts Voltage is the electrical energy available for the dryer to use.

Amps Amperage is a measurement of the rate at which electricity flows through a wire or piece of equipment.

Watts Watts are the amount of energy a device uses in performing its function.

HP Horsepower is a unit used to measure the power of engines/motors.

Heat Dyers with heating elements are equipped with either of the following mechanisms:

Calrod Heating Element- These are similar to burners found on an electric stovetop. They are commonly known as resistance heating elements and, because of the way they function, can be slow to respond to controls. Because of their design, they can last for years and seldom need replacing.

Coil or Wire Wound - This type of heating element is commonly found in hand-held hair dryers in the beauty industry. They respond quickly to heating and cooling controls. This mechanism can degrade relatively quickly, due to the high temperatures, and may need replacing.


Dryer Types

Force Dryers emit a very concentrated, high-speed stream of air directed at an area of the coat. This method is used to separate the hair down to the skin and push the excess water and dead hair out into the air, quickly drying the dog and reducing brushing times.

Cage Dryers may or may not have a heating element. These dryers use a high volume of air, rather than speed, to dry several dogs in cages at one time.

Stand Dryers are also known as fluff or finish dryers. These dryers are used to complete the drying process and remove all traces of moisture from the animal’s coat. These dryers commonly have a heating element to assist with straightening curly coats.

Combination Dryers can be used as a force dryer, finish dryer and/or cage dryer, or any combination thereof. Because of their versatility, they are very good start-up or back-up dryers for any groomer or pet owner.

Dryer Cages/Box Dryers usually combine a one- or two-unit kennel with a cage dryer. They normally have heating elements and can be very effective when used appropriately.

Tip When comparing dryers for purchase take into account what your needs are and compare the following:

  • Type
  • CFM
  • FPM
  • Watts
  • Volts
  • Amps
  • Heat


* Please check local state and city regulations before purchasing a cage dryer with a heating element.