Stuffing-Free Dog Toys

Toys are a great way to keep dogs healthy and active and are also a fun way for people to interact with them. Chewing and pulling is beneficial for the teeth, gums and muscles of any dog and it is imperative that toys for dogs are both safe and durable. For all dogs, but especially for heavy chewers and rough pullers, PetEdge offers some great stuffing-free dog toys. Not only is stuffing messy to clean up, having stuffing can encourage a dog to rip a toy open while keeping the toy empty encourages them to keep it intact. For some dogs that display indiscriminate chewing and eating habits, stuffing can even be a choking hazard and stuffed toys require constant supervision. We have both stuffing-free plush toys for soft play and snuggles from leading brands like Zanies as well as rubber toys from brands like Kong that stand the test of time for even the most hardcore chewers. Find the perfect stuffing free toy at PetEdge today!

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