Puzzle & Interactive Dog Toys

It’s no secret that dogs are bred to work – each in their own way by hearing, hunting, chasing and the like. The average canine pet can stay physical with walks, fetch and trips to the dog park but between those activities it isn’t good for them to get bored. Bored dogs can become depressed or get anxious. They can even go looking for trouble, usually finding it and destroying something in the house. Interactive dog toys take the boredom away by giving them puzzles and toys to stimulate their senses as well as their intellect. Frisbees and pull toys get their bodies moving in conjunction with their people, challenging them to win the tug-of-war and make an amazing flying catch. Fill a hollow toy with treats and watch them work to get the pieces out. At PetEdge, we’ve got all these interactive toys and more at great values and in packaging ideal for easy resale. 

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