General Purpose Dog Shampoo

Keeping pets clean and well-groomed is essential to the well-being of any type or breed. Whether you are a responsible pet owner or a professional groomer, PetEdge has the general purpose dog shampoo to maintain a high level of hygiene and health at a can’t beat price. Some people are tempted to use human shampoo or other generic soaps on dogs, but these products have a higher acidity than what is required for the skin and coats of dogs. Over time, human shampoo or soap will cause irritation. Selecting an appropriate dog shampoo is the best way to treat dogs to a good, clean bath, and at PetEdge, we make it easy. If the dog does not have any known allergies or sensitive skin, we recommend starting with a general-purpose dog shampoo. Once you have your shampoo selected and the dog in the bath, wash him gently all over, making sure to both lather and rinse thoroughly. Use warm water to keep them comfortable and dry gently with a soft towel or blow dryer. 

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