Deodorizing Dog Shampoo

Dogs are not particularly well-known for smelling fresh and clean. Unlike cats, they don’t do a lot of self-grooming and may actually exhibit behaviors that increase foul odors, like rolling around in decaying matter. While that may have been fine for their feral ancestors, domestic dogs are members of the family and need to stay relatively odor-free to interact with people frequently and especially be a part of our homes. PetEdge knows this and can help – our wide array of deodorizing and deep cleaning dog shampoos will keep you from having to chose between a dog and your olfactory senses. Our shampoos are specifically designed to match dog’s pH balance and be strong enough to tackle the odors while gentle enough not to hurt or dry out their coat. These are formulated to wash away oil, dirt and bacteria that cause foul odors and many add a natural scent on top to create a pleasing aroma. We also carry specialty deodorizing shampoos for stink emergencies such as skunk encounters, so shop for everything you need to de-stinkify dogs right here at PetEdge.

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