Dog Diapers and Pup Pants

Though it may seem odd at first, there are myriad reasons for outfitting a pet with dog diapers and pup pants. Housetraining for dogs and puppies that are not yet going outside or in a designated area is one. It will keep the inside area cleaner and can encourage the pup not to go until someone removes the diaper in the right area. For older dogs, it is less about knowing where to go and more about not being able to hold it. Diapers for incontinent dogs also help keep the house cleaner and can protect the health of the animal, as they can stay cleaner and drier. Diapers can also be used for female dogs in heat – whether it be to prevent mess and licking or to discourage mating between dogs during this period. Whatever your reason, PetEdge has both disposable and washable solutions at great prices, so shop our dog diapers & pup pants products below.

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