Pets Topical Flea & Tick Treatments

Dog Topical Treatments

Whether you are dealing with an established flea or tick problem or just need routine prevention, PetEdge offers a wide variety of medicated dog topical treatments. Fleas & ticks can carry disease, not to mention cause significant irritation to your dog’s sensitive skin. Topical flea and tick treatments are an easy way to treat your pet quicker than with an oral solution, making sure the bugs die on contact and that any eggs or larvae can’t hatch or grow. Generally, these chemicals are applied to the back of the animal’s neck so that they cannot lick or scratch at the area while it is penetrating. They usually last up to 30 days and should be reapplied each month. During warmer months, fleas and ticks are more active and it is even more important to treat and prevent topically, even if you also offer a dose by mouth.

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