Dog Grooming Tubs & Bathing

Profession Dog Grooming Tubs are an essential in any Dog Grooming business. Top-quality tubs are critical to ensuring that your salon business is uninterupted, but are also an important financial consideration. Choosing the right tub for your business is an important decision. Fortunately we have the right tub for you!  Specialized grooming tubs make it easy to keep dogs contained and accessible while bathing, offering a comfortable workspace for the groomer. PetEdge offers a number of specialized professional tubs as well as dog bathing systems and accessories. For the professional groomer, we have both plastic and metal-style tubs, many with stairs or adjustable height platforms to make getting the dog in and out a breeze. Our bathing systems make water selection and control accessible and quick, improving the speed and quality of bathing dogs. All our dog bathing products are of the highest quality and value, making sure that we have the right tub for your business!