Deshedding Pet Products

Deshedding Pet ProductsDeshedding Pet Products

Most dogs inevitably shed their fur, allowing them to rid themselves of dead hair and set the stage for new, healthy hair growth. Deshedding is one of the... grooming processes customers really appreciate, as it keeps their dogs’ coats healthy while cutting down on the amount of extraneous fur floating all over their homes. Utilizing deshedding tools during the grooming process is an efficient way to get hair under control and allow for a beautiful cut afterward. And while combing and brushing with the appropriate tools are very helpful in the deshedding process, using a specially formulated shampoo as well can drastically improve the overall health of the coat with ease and efficiency. These shampoos are created specifically to loosen extra hairs and soothe the skin for coat health from the inside out. This is extra helpful for both long and short-haired dogs during warmer and drier weather. PetEdge carries a wide variety of dog deshedding tools and shampoos to give your grooming business the edge with customer satisfaction during shedding season.


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Deshedding Shampoos & Conditioners

Deshedding Tools

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Grooming Rakes are primarily used on medium-, double- and heavy-coated dogs to remove the thick, dense undercoat. They are set up so that the pins will dig through the topcoat to remove the dead undercoat using only gentle pressure from the groomer.

Carding Tools are dragged gently along the dog’s coat to remove the dead undercoat while keeping the healthy topcoat intact. These can be used on medium, double, heavy and portions of silky-coated breeds. Carding is accomplished by using a fine-toothed blade, a stripping knife an undercoat rake or another shedding tool.

Undercoat Strippers have sharp curved blades that are blunt at the tips for safety. These are designed to remove mats that can be tight to the skin, without losing too much coat length.

Splitters have blades that are curved like a sickle with rounded, blunt ends for the pet’s safety. These tools are designed to allow the groomer to remove loose hair and undercoat without much effort.

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