Understanding the details, specifications, and benefits of different types of clippers will help in making the most-informed purchasing decision for your grooming needs.

A-5 Compatible

The term A-5 originated with Oster, the manufacturer of the first professional detachable blade clipper, the Golden A-5. Today, several companies – such as Andis, Wahl, and Geib – manufacture clippers with A-5 compatible detachable blades. Most of these clippers are compatible with any manufacturer’s A-5 style blades. The clipper usually comes with one blade that can be either a #10 or a #40; other blade sizes are available to be purchased separately. For more information on how to choose the correct blade for your needs please visit our blade usage guide.

Universal Geared Motor

This type of motor is powered in two directions by its power source (both forward and back). It requires routine internal maintenance for proper functionality. Geared motors have increased power and torque, so they are suited to general grooming in addition to shaving heavily matted pets and thick-coated dog breeds.*

Magnetic Rotary Motor

This type of motor is driven forward by its power source and then dragged back by a magnet. The motors are sealed and pre-lubricated and require minimum routine maintenance for proper functionality. They use speed to increase their power so they are better suited to general grooming in high-volume shops and shaving medium to light-coated breeds.*


Strokes per minute. This is how fast the clipper moves the cutting piece of the blade back and forth in one complete motion.

Recommended Usage

High Volume – Designed with professional groomers in mind who groom 10 or more dogs a day.
Moderate Volume – Designed with professional groomers in mind who groom 6-12 dogs a day.
Low Volume – Designed with professional groomers in mind who groom up to 6 dogs a day.
Precision Trimming – Designed to handle most coat types and to be used to clip specific areas of the animal (face, feet, sanitary trim, etc.).
Entire Body – Designed to handle most coat types and be able to withstand grooming an entire dog in one sitting.


Cordless: clippers allow groomers to enjoy the benefit of not having their movements restricted.
Corded: Although corded clippers can have some restrictions on certain motions they have the added benefit of consistent steady power without the need for recharging.

Lithium Ion Batteries

Lithium-ion batteries are a rechargeable battery made out of a very light weight lithium compound. Lithium-ion batteries have the advantage of being lower maintenance and are able to have a longer charge than other batteries. Additional benefits are that they do not develop a memory and do not require scheduled cycling to prolong the battery’s life.


The weight of the clipper can be a very important deciding factor. The average professional A-5 clipper weighs about 1.1 lbs. Weight is something that needs to be kept in mind since the clipper is usually held the longest out of any tool that a groomer uses.

*To see a clipper’s motor type, please click on the description link to view the product page.