Cordless Dog Clippers

Professional pet groomers are known to use both corded and cordless clippers when grooming dogs; the cordless designs have a lot of benefits that should not be overlooked. The biggest pro to using clippers is ease of access. They weigh less than most corded models, are more compact, and are easier to maneuver because the cord does not tangle or get in the way. For difficult grooming areas where just reaching the fur seems a challenge, cordless clippers are really the ONLY way to get a good trim. Battery life, which is usually limited to only an hour or two, can be a downside but is often overcome by switching out battery packs. Since cordless clippers are usually used for short periods of time by home groomers or in rotation with corded models for professionals, storing the clippers on a charger is often sufficient for retaining the necessary power. PetEdge has a wonderful selection of cordless clippers at amazing prices, so shop with us today!

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