Andis Cordless Dog Clippers

Learn proper Clipper Maintenenace to get the most out of your Andis clipper with this informitive guide, Andis Clipper Maintenence.

Professional groomers are known to use many types of clippers for different reasons, with cordless clippers having some extremely helpful features for any groomer. Cordless clippers are usually smaller and lighter than their corded counterparts, making it easier to use them on troublesome clients or in difficult to reach areas. When it comes to brands, Andis cordless dog clippers are a very popular choice. Andis has been a leading manufacturer of handheld grooming tools for almost 100 years and has perfected the art of making cordless clippers that are small, fast, and powerful. The Pulse ZR is known as an industry standard, with a 5-speed rotary motor and removeable lithium ion battery. The more affordable Pulse Li 5 model also offers a good bang for the buck for anyone not quite ready to invest in the upper tier. Either way, you will be glad to know that andis cordless dog clippers are made to the highest quality standards right here in the USA.

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