Pet Clippers & Blades

PetEdge Is Your Headquarters for Pet Grooming Clippers & Blades. Long-haired pet breeds require a good amount of maintenance on their coats to stay healthy and manage seasonal temperature control. A quality set of pet clippers is a necessity for groomers as well as any owner who wants to do their own grooming. There are many things to be taken into consideration when planning a clipper purchase. If you do not have access to a power outlet and your grooming needs are minimal, you’ll want to look at wireless clippers. If you need more power and longevity, stick with a corded version. Be sure to change out your blades or have them sharpened when they are dull and keep your blades clean and well-oiled to prevent injury to the skin. A5 blades are industry standard and generally quite easy to replace. For professional groomers, the weight of a clipper can also be an especially important factor, as a heavy set can wear arms out over time. At PetEdge we have a wide range of clippers, blades, and accessories in stock ranging from entry level kits to high-level professional sets. We also stock replacement parts to keep your current setup in good condition, no matter your needs. From dozens of clipper styles & brands, to every type of clipper bladeaccessory, or replacement part you could need, we carry the most durable professional clippers and blades in the pet grooming industry. Brands, like AndisOsterWahl, and Artero offer unmatched quality and lasting durability. And if you need some help deciding what to purchase, see our Clipper Guide and Blade Usage Guide.