Stain and Odor Control

Any pet owner will tell you that accidents are, at some point, inevitable. Whether housetraining a puppy, have a cat prone to regurgitation or an older pet is showing signs of incontinence, you need to be prepared to clean up after them at any time. And unlike general mess cleaning, stains and odors from animals can be much tougher to get out. That’s why PetEdge offers a wider variety of the best stain and odor control products on the market. Enzymatic cleaners penetrate and target proteins in urine and other fluids that cause long-lasting odors. Citrus scents can help cover odors as well, reducing the likelihood that an animal will continue to urinate in the same area due to lingering smells. We’ve even got special skunk cleaner for when a dog makes an inappropriate friend – or enemy! Find the cleaner that is right for you and return to a life that smells great, from

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