Dog Diners

It may seem like the big dogs rule the roost in the canine world – they run fast, jump high and are at the perfect height for nudging your hand to get pets. But some things are harder for our much-loved giants: imagine a tall person having to eat their dinner off the ground while standing! Breeds like the Pyrenees, Great Danes, and even Golden Retrievers all have to stoop to eat, which is painful for senior dogs and uncomfortable for all of them. That’s why PetEdge has teamed up with ProSelect® to offer these great dog diners that any dog can benefit from.  Dog diners are elevated dishes made especially for taller dogs, and ProSelect® diners have the added benefit of being adjustable to fit any pooch whenever it is needed most. Eating upright isn’t just more comfortable, it also improves digestion, prevents dangerous bloat and makes for much easier floor cleanup. Shop quality dog diners at fantastic value from ProSelect® and PetEdge today! 

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