Dog Grooming Apparel

Grooming dogs for a living has its charms but being easy on the wardrobe is not one of them. Like nurses and other medical professionals you run the risk of con...tinuously being covered in all sorts of substances. Nice-looking and well-fitting grooming apparel that is comfortable and easy to care for isn't the easiest thing to find, but at PetEdge we provide professional grooming apparel in sizes up to 3x. You can add some flair with our pet-themed prints or suit up in your best color every day without sacrificing comfort, range of motion or durability. We sell jackets, smocks, pants and footwear, many of which are hair repellent, bleach resistant, chemical proof and machine washable.  We also have waterproof aprons to keep you from getting drenched with bathwater multiple times per day. Keep it professional and comfortable with PetEdge grooming apparel!