Dog Dental Care

Dog Dental Care

Professional-Quality Dog Dental Care Products from PetEdge 

Keeping up with the care of dog’s teeth, gums and oral health is one of the most important things that can be done for the animal’s general health, comfort, and longevity. This involves not just trips to the vet for checkups and cleanings, but also regular care at home or during grooming appointments. Obviously, dogs can’t be counted on to clean their own teeth and gums via brushing or flossing like a human can, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be done. It’s a good idea to have a caretaker brush the dog’s teeth using a canine toothbrush or finger brush. Different types of brushes and paste used in a trial-and-error process may be needed to find what works best for each dog. Dental treats like Greenies, which scrape off plaque, break down tartar, and stimulate the gums are an easier and more passive way to encourage dental health. A bath and haircut can be followed up with some brushing and dental treats to improve bad breath, prevent cavities and gum disease, and put the final touch on a great grooming experience. Shop PetEdge for great dog dental products such as brushes, paste and treats that will keep your customers coming back over and over for excellent and thorough grooming.

Help your customers maintain their pets’ dental health with PetEdge's wide selection of pet dental care products. We carry it all - from toothbrushesdental wipes, and finger brushes - to teeth whitening gels, dental chews & treats.

Maintaining a dog’s teeth, gums and oral health has a larger impact on the overall well-being of the animal than it may seem. Just as with humans, professional dental checkups and regular home care both contribute to a great health outcome. Since dogs cannot brush their own teeth, there are other ways to keep up the teeth cleaning habit. The first is to have a person brush for the dog using a specialized toothbrush or finger brush. Some dogs are fine with this but at times the animal may indicate a dislike for the process. Try a few different types of brushes and paste to find the combination that works best for each dog. Aside from brushing, we also carry dental treats like Greenies, which scrapes off plaque, breaks down tartar, and stimulates the gums. All these dog dental products help fight bad breath, cavities and gum disease, keeping dogs healthier throughout their whole lives. Shop PetEdge for great dental health today!

You can expect quality and variety in pet treats from PetEdge and out selection of dog dental treats is no exception. These specialty chews serve as great snacks or training rewards while also keeping their teeth healthy and clean - without them even realizing it! Like a bone or rawhide, these chews are denser and longer lasting than a cookie or biscuit and also serve to keep the pup interested and occupied. While they chew, the treat breaks down tartar and stimulates the gums to keep the teeth and mouth well maintained. This, in turn, helps fight bad breath and cavities as well as gum disease. PetEdge provides a variety of treats that ramp up the excitement for your customers’ dogs and these add a great layer of health to the mix. Our wholesale pricing also ensures resale potential - your customers and their pets will love you for it!


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