Dog Grooming Tubs

Dog grooming tubs are essential to every grooming facility and represent one of the most valuable purchases when designing/setting up a salon. Th...ere are a few things you need to take into account when tub shopping: the size, shape and orientation of the tub, the material the tub is made of, how it will connect to existing or new plumbing lines, and your budget. At PetEdge, we carry tubs made of stainless and zinc-plated steel, which are both highly durable and corrosion resistant. We also have fiberglass and plastic tubs for those needing a lighter weight option. You may also take note of tub entry and exit options, with some of our tubs having adjustable heights, stairs, ramps and doors allowing for an easier time getting the dog out of – but especially into – the tub. Whatever tub is right for you, know that PetEdge has the best value in the industry when it comes to pet grooming equipment!

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