Hydraulic Dog Grooming Tables

Ease of access in grooming and veterinary work is not only more ergonomic for the worker, but also safer and more comfortable for the animal. Correct size for weight and height is essential for any kind of table, and while weight can be ubiquitous, adjusting for the perfect height requires a great amount of flexibility. Manual adjustment, while cost effective, requires time and energy and can put wear and tear on a table that was not meant to be adjusted between each client. Not to mention it can’t be done with the dog on the table or in a hands-free manner. Hydraulic tables combine the best of electric-adjustment tables and manual tables, as they are sturdy and operate without a power source. With hydraulic grooming tables, a pump that is foot-operated rises and lowers the table, much like a barber’s chair. At PetEdge.com, we stock the top hydraulic tables in the industry, all at great prices – shop PetEdge.com today!

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