Manufacturing quality products in the USA for more than 80 years, MetroVac brand dryers are a pet products industry leader, and for good reason. Featuring all steel housings and premium components, American made pet dryers by MetroVac products are renowned for their oustanding durability and performance. MetroVac Dryers are perfect for demanding grooming professionals who have relied on MetroVac dryers for years of service.

Forced air dryers, use cool, high pressure air flow and a specialized nozzle to physically force water off a dog’s coat in drops or sheets. Because there is no need for a heating mechanism, the dryer is extremely safe and efficient. Unlike a cage dryer, these models require operating by a human, but they also result in much quicker drying and the ability to brush fur out while drying if needed. While PetEdge carries many models of MetroVac dryers, the Air Force Commander dryer is known as an undisputed leader in forced air dryers, with high quality operation and a fantastic price point. For smaller jobs or tighter areas, check out the QuickDraw mini dryer. As always, find replacement hoses, nozzles, and other accessories for your Metro dryers right here at PetEdge.

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